iMovie ’11 gives greater control over audio

To anyone using Apple’s iMovie to edit video with, you will be excited to hear that with the release of iLife ’11, iMovie now offers much better control over audio levels. I’ve been using iMovie on and off since iMovie HD (version 6). When Apple redesigned iMovie in 2008, they severely crippled the access to audio . . . → Read More: iMovie ’11 gives greater control over audio

Documentary Storytelling

In the Science Filmmaking workshops that Jeff Morales and I teach, we are always hammering home the importance of STORYTELLING. Our students get tired of hearing us say, “yes, but what is the STORY?”. But, we have to keep driving this point home, because Story is what makes strange, complex, esoteric, and reductionist science accessible to . . . → Read More: Documentary Storytelling