I’m off to Epic Antarctica

My latest expedition will take me aboard the Kapitan Khlebnikov, a Russian icebreaker. This voyage goes so much farther beyond where I have been before in Antarctica, it really is an epic journey. Highlights will include McMurdo Station, Emperor penguins, the Ross Sea, MacQuarie Island, helicopter trips to the ice shelf, the Bay of Whales, and so on. 32 days of excitement! Here is a map of our journey:

Map of Voyage

A link to the itinerary can be found here

To make it even more exciting, there will be a BBC film crew aboard, filming for the upcoming series “Frozen Planet”, which is the next in the excellent BBC nature series (you may have heard of, I don’t know, Planet Earth?).

Not sure if I will be able to post anything until I get back, but the photo opportunities should be spectacular.

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