Great music by Daniel Lanois and Black Dub

I’ve long been a fan of Daniel Lanois, both as a musician (see his albums ‘Acadie’ and ‘For the Beauty of Wynona’) and as a producer (U2, Peter Gabriel, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, and now Neil Young). Some of Daniel’s most recent albums haven’t captured my attention, but his new project, ‘Black Dub’, is not to be missed.

Along with Lanois on guitar and vocals, Black Dub features vocalist/keyboardist/drummer Trixie Whitley (who sings with style and passion that seem way beyond her young 24 years), star drummer Brian Blade, and bass player Daryl Johnson. Black Dub are ambient, rocking, soulful, and fun to watch. They have no albums out yet, just a series of live videos filmed in their rehearsal studio. I watch them all the time, here is one of my favorites:

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